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Best youtube channel for Human Physiology for MBBS first year student

Are you a medical student looking for the best resources to master Physiology? Look no further! In today’s digital age, there are numerous YouTube channels and online resources offering best Physiology videos for medical students. Let’s dive into some of the best options available to help you ace your studies and excel in your medical career.

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For MBBS 1st year students, video lectures play a crucial role in understanding complex topics. That’s why channels like “Turning Brain Lectures” are invaluable resources, offering Video Lectures for MBBS Undergraduate students that cover essential Physiology concepts in a clear and concise manner.

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What is the Tollens Test Procedure?

Tollens test, also known as the silver mirror test, is a chemical test used to distinguish between aldehydes and ketones. This test is based on the oxidation-reduction reaction between aldehydes and reagent, which results in the formation of a silver mirror on the inner surface of the reaction vessel.

Principle of Tollens Test
The principle behind the Tollens test lies in the fact that aldehydes are readily oxidized to carboxylic acids, while Tollen’s reagent, which is an alkaline solution of silver nitrate, acts as an oxidizing agent. When an aldehyde is present in the solution, it reduces Tollen’s reagent, causing elemental silver to precipitate and form a mirror-like coating.

What is Tollens Reagent?
Tollens reagent, also known as silver mirror reagent, is a solution that contains silver ions in an alkaline medium. It is prepared by adding silver nitrate to a solution of sodium hydroxide until a slight precipitate of silver oxide is formed. The precipitate is then dissolved by adding ammonia solution drop by drop until the solution becomes colorless.

Alpha Hydroxy Ketone Tollens Test
Apart from aldehydes, alpha hydroxy ketones can also undergo the Tollens test. Alpha hydroxy ketones are ketones that have a hydroxyl group (-OH) attached to the carbon atom adjacent to the carbonyl group.

Tollens Reagent Preparation
To prepare Tollens reagent, follow these steps:
Dissolve 5 grams of silver nitrate (AgNO3) in 50 mL of distilled water.
In a separate container, dissolve 5 grams of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in 100 mL of distilled water.
Slowly pour the sodium hydroxide solution into the silver nitrate solution while stirring.
A brown precipitate of silver oxide (Ag2O) will form.
Add dilute ammonia solution drop by drop to the brown precipitate until it dissolves completely and the solution turns colorless.
Test the resulting solution with litmus paper to ensure it is slightly alkaline. If necessary, adjust the pH by adding more sodium hydroxide or dilute ammonia solution.
Tollens Test Procedure
The Tollens test procedure is as follows:
Take a small quantity of the unknown compound and dissolve it in water or ethanol, depending on its solubility.
Transfer this solution into a clean test tube.
Add a few drops of Tollens reagent to the test tube.
Gently heat the mixture by placing the test tube in a water bath or by using a Bunsen burner.
Observe the reaction mixture to form a silver mirror on the test tube’s inner surface.
The appearance of a silver mirror indicates a positive Tollens test, confirming the presence of an aldehyde or alpha hydroxy ketone.
Benefits of Tollens Test
The Tollens test offers several benefits in organic chemistry:
It provides a simple and reliable method for detecting the presence of aldehydes and alpha hydroxy ketones.
The formation of a silver mirror is a visual confirmation, making the test easy to interpret.
It does not require expensive equipment and can be performed using basic laboratory apparatus.
The Tollens test can be used qualitatively as well as quantitatively for determining the concentration of aldehydes in a given sample.
Limitations of Tollens Test
While the Tollens test is a valuable tool, it does have some limitations:

It only detects aldehydes and alpha hydroxy ketones, not other functional groups.
The reaction requires the presence of an acidic hydrogen atom adjacent to the carbonyl group.
It may not work efficiently for highly reactive aldehydes or alpha hydroxy ketones.
The test can yield false-positive results if reducing agents other than aldehydes or alpha hydroxy ketones are present in the solution.
In conclusion, the Tollens test is a useful chemical test that provides a simple and reliable method for detecting the presence of aldehydes and alpha hydroxy ketones. By observing the formation of a silver mirror, chemists can confirm these compounds in a sample. The Tollens test has its limitations, but when used appropriately, it can provide valuable information in organic chemistry analysis.

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